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Cooling Towel Ice Towel UAE

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Our range of Instant Cooling Towel is made from a new fabric that instantly cools you. Made of propriety blend of Polyester and Polyamide, it is the best to use during hot seasons or increased body activity is involved

1, 2 and 3 you are ready to use..

Wet it - Completely immerse the towel in Water. Pool, Sea or Tap.
Wring it - Wring out all of the excess water. 
Wave it - Wave in the air to activate the cooling technology.

The high-performance, multi-yarn cooling fibre rapidly absorbs water more than twice its weight. The towel technology works by absorbing perspiration and water into My Cooling Towel 3 part construction and moves water particles to regulate the evaporation process to keep My Cooling Towel cool for hours without feeling wet.



  • Towel Size: 30cm x 90Cms
  • Proprietary Blend Multi-Yarn
  • Reuse over and over again.
  • Activate with warm or cold water.
  • Breathable, Lightweight and Chemical - Free.
  • Cools Instantly when water is applied.
  • The Towel provides UPF 50 Sun Protection.
  • When wet, My Cooling Towel stays cold for hours.
  • When Dry the towel efficiently absorbs sweat and is soft.
  • Machine Washable - See washing instructions on packaging.
  • For Best results place on your neck, head or any other zones of heat.
  • Refrigeration not required.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash cold, like colours.
Do not bleach, tumble dry cold.
Do not use softeners.
Do not Iron.



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